Sin Cheng Market is located in the center of Sin Cheng commune, Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai. The market is a gathering place for many ethnic groups: Mong, Nung, Tay, Thu Lao… to interact, exchange and trade.
In many highland districts of Lao Cai, horses are no longer the only means of transportation like before, but at Sin Cheng market people can still easily see horses carrying goods every day.

Every Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

6:00 am: Car and tour guide pick you up at your hotel or motel. Take guests out to breakfast.
8:00 am: The group moves to Bac Ha town center and then continues to Sin Cheng market, about 40km from Bac Ha, and has great check-in points along the way.

9:30 am: You arrive at Sin Cheng market, where many ethnic groups gather: H’Mong Hoa, Nung, Tay, and Thu Lao. Here you will find green vegetables, tubers, fruits… from cold regions grown by people in the fields to ensure clean quality. Visit the butcher shop, you can buy black pork, dried buffalo meat… In particular, you can buy Sin Cheng duck eggs for 6,000 VND/egg, an extremely famous specialty of Sin Cheng.

10:30: Visit the ancient house in San Chung village of the Chinese H’Mong people with the characteristic features of a walled house and yin-yang tiled roof.
11:00: You move to Bac Ha town center, have lunch, and enjoy local specialties.

13:30: You move to Sapa.
16:00: Arrive in Sapa, check in to the hotel and rest