Bac Ha market is the largest market in the Bac Ha district and one of the largest markets in the northern mountainous provinces. The market is located right in the center of town. Here, visitors can enjoy specialties only found in the highlands such as red pho, thang co, and corn wine; Shop for local agricultural products such as mustard greens, dong quai, turmeric, and other precious medicinal herbs or experience some production and daily activities of the Tay, Mong Hoa, Phu La ethnic groups. After Going to the market, visitors can visit Hoang A Tuong not far away, and learn about the history of the formation and development of Bac Ha district.

Visit Bac Ha market – a famous market in Lao Cai
Visit local people’s stalls
Visit the unique and bustling horse market, buffalo market, and pig market
Enjoy ethnic dishes and specialty wines
Buy handmade souvenirs made of brocade

06:00: Car and guide pick you up at the hotel or the train station. Then take you to breakfast in Lao Cai City.
07:00: The group will visit Bac Ha market, about 110 km from Sapa – a famous market in Lao Cai that only opens once a week on Sunday.
09:30: Arriving at the market, you will walk to visit the stalls of local people and witness firsthand the scene of traders from other localities coming to exchange goods with ethnic minorities, then you will visit the unique and bustling horse market and buffalo market. market, pig market. Coming to Bac Ha market, you will have the opportunity to enjoy ethnic dishes, specialty wines made from sticky rice, cassava, and corn as well as fresh fruits such as plums, apples, pears… Especially, you can chat with people. Come here through a tour guide and buy unique souvenirs woven from brocade.

12:00: The tour guide will take you to lunch and enjoy local specialties.

13:00: You move to Sapa.

15:30: Arrive in Sapa, check in to the hotel and rest

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