Y Ty with thousands of clouds – A place known as the land of heaven. It has long been the number 1 destination in the hearts of travel lovers. True to the beautiful name that many people have for Y Ty, this is the most beautiful place to hunt for clouds in the northern highlands of Vietnam. During the journey to explore the land of Y Ty – Lung Po, visitors will have extremely wonderful experiences on winding mountain passes, amidst nature, heaven, and earth, as majestic as in paintings. In particular, on the Y Ty 2D1N cloud hunting tour, you will be immersed in the most beautiful sea of ​​clouds in the Northwest sky.

DAY 01: LAO CAI – LUNG PO – Y Ty (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
06:00: Car and tour guide pick up the group at the hotel or Lao Cai Station, have breakfast, and prepare to move to Y Ty
07:15: You start your journey to Y Ty. Going up the Red River, the car will take customers to the first point in the program
10:00: You arrive at the Lung Po flagpole, where the Red River flows into Vietnam. When you come here, don’t forget to check in to Lamppost 92 of the Fatherland. Surely this will be an unforgettable and proud mark for visitors when coming to this place.
10:30: The group moves to Ngai Thau to eat local specialties
14:00: Arriving at Ngai Thau, you will admire the beauty of the golden season. This place is different, because right from the first impression you will immediately see a peaceful space. Gently in the shiny yellow-green color of the rice fields are beautiful small mud-walled houses, a typical peaceful highlight of the “cloudy” land located at an altitude of more than 2,000m.

15:00: You continue to Choan Then Park. Choan Then Park, Y Ty area is the name favored by local people for the vacant land at the end of the road through Choan Then village – a gathering place for children in the village to play, a place for people to rest after work. Here, you can admire the terraced fields in the ripening season and will be lucky if nature favors you with the opportunity to admire the cloudy paradise at sunset in Y Ty at this place.
16:00: Car takes tourists back to Y Ty center, checks in to the motel/homestay, and is free to visit Y Ty. Rustic walled houses lie quietly amid the highlands, creating a beautiful picture of nature and human life in the highlands.
18:30: You have dinner with dishes rich in highland identity and enjoy warm glasses of wine in the cold weather.

05:00: The group has breakfast and checks out.
06:00: A car take you to visit Y Ty terraced fields area. Continuing the golden season on Y Ty, you will have new experiences, and don’t forget to save beautiful pictures of the golden season.

07:00: You visit terraced fields in Den Sang valley
08:00: You move to one of the most beautiful terraced fields in Y Ty and the Northwest region – Sang Ma Sao terraced fields. Located about 50km from the town center, Sang Ma Sao in the Mong language means Mao Ga mountain range, is a highland commune in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. In the ripe rice season, Sang Ma Sao appears charming with a cascading terraced valley surrounding the houses of the Mong and Dao people scattered in the valley.

09:00: You start the car to go to Muong Hum market. On the way, you can relax and admire the Trinh Tuong houses shaped like persimmon trees to cultivate land in the middle of the old forest of the Ha Nhi people.
09:30: You arrive at Muong Hum market, go shopping at the market, and buy unique cultural products from the people here.
10:30: Get on the bus to return to Lao Cai city
12:30: You rest and have lunch at the restaurant
14:00: The guide takes you to the train station. Thank you and see you again in the following programs!