Sa Pa – a town in the mist, where heaven and earth meet, where the legendary Fanxipan mountain reflects on the white stream of the beautiful Muong Hoa valley. Let’s explore Cow Hill, which has the most beautiful viewpoint in Sa Pa, and join an exciting camping party in the high mountains.

– 07:30: You have breakfast at the hotel
– 08:00: You prepare personal belongings and receive equipment for the trekking and camping journey.
+ Here, the tour guide will inform you about the route schedule, attractions, and some knowledge and skills when trekking.
+ You will receive basic trekking items such as a bucket hat, trekking poles, a 20-liter backpack, water bottle,…

– 08:30: The car takes you to the trekking point right at O Quy Ho pass, about 9km from Sa Pa town. The tour guide warms up the group and prepares for the trekking & camping trip to Cow Hill.
– 09:00: Arriving at the starting point, the journey to conquer Cow Hill begins.
+ You walk through the Su Su Garden and Peach Garden to reach the only stream on the trip.
+ Next, you will walk under the green canopy of the pine forest to reach the first resting place.
– 11:00: You set foot on the spine of Cow Hill.

+ Continuing the journey, the road is gentle with endless green grasslands, in the distance are herds of cows and horses leisurely grazing.
+ Admire the majestic peak of Fansipan mountain and below, O Quy Ho pass catches your eye. All blend, creating a colorful and interesting natural picture.
11:15: Arrive at the campsite. Here the Organizing Committee has prepared for you to have a wonderful camping trip.

+ Outdoor barbecue party.
+ Everyone will enjoy moments of rest, relaxation, and sightseeing with the fresh air of the mountains and forests.
– 11:30: The group enjoys delicious food and plays games organized by the tour guide.
– 13:00: The group rests in a closed tent with insulated mats.
– 14:30: Continue trekking down the mountain to Ta Phin valley. The car was waiting for the group at the foot of the mountain.
– 17:00: The car takes the group back to Sa Pa, you bathe in Dao leaves and end the journey.

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